When evaluating AI vendors, it’s crucial to understand their capabilities, reliability, and the fit of their solutions with your needs. Here are 15 questions you can ask:

  1. What is your AI’s core technology and architecture? You want to understand what type of AI model the vendor uses, whether it’s deep learning, reinforcement learning, supervised learning, etc.
  2. What data does your AI require for training? This question helps you to understand the quality and quantity of data required by the AI model.
  3. How do you ensure your AI model’s accuracy? It’s important to know how they test and validate their models. Ask them to provide case studies or test results.
  4. How does your AI handle bias and fairness? AI can inadvertently perpetuate bias if not carefully managed. Ask how they mitigate these risks.
  5. How is your AI model updated and improved over time? Models need regular updates to stay effective. Ask about the process for this.
  6. What is your AI’s interpretability and transparency like? Some AI models, especially deep learning models, are often described as “black boxes” because their workings are not easily understood. Ask how they ensure transparency in their AI processes.
  7. What is your model’s performance in real-time applications? Ask about the speed of the AI model, how it handles large data volumes, and how it performs in real-time applications.
  8. Can your AI model be customized to our specific needs? Depending on your needs, you might want an AI that can be tailored to your unique requirements.
  9. What kind of support and training do you provide? Find out what kind of support they offer after the AI is deployed. Do they provide training for your team?
  10. How do you ensure data security and privacy? This is an especially critical question in industries dealing with sensitive information.
  11. What is the total cost of ownership of your AI system? Beyond the initial cost, ask about ongoing costs like support, updates, or subscription fees.
  12. Can you provide references from other clients in our industry? References can provide valuable feedback on the vendor’s performance and reliability.
  13. How does your AI integrate with our existing systems? An AI solution needs to work well with your current tech stack.
  14. What is your roadmap for future development? You want to ensure that the vendor’s vision aligns with your company’s future needs.
  15. Can we conduct a pilot or proof-of-concept project? This will allow you to test the system in your environment before making a significant investment.

Remember, it’s not just about the technical aspects of the AI, but also how the vendor supports you and how their solution fits into your existing systems and processes.