True Cedar is focused on helping asset managers of all types leverage AI/data, manage cyber risk, and harness the power of the cloud. Contact us today.

How We Can Help

True Cedar delivers a wide-range of services to help asset managers leverage the power of technology.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

Data & AI

Confused by AI, but know you need to incorporate it into your strategy?  We can help.  True Cedar has experts that help you leverage your data and prepare for the AI-driven future.


Let us help protect your reputation and assets.  We can create a right-sized cybersecurity framework that will protect your company, raise trust with allocators, and gain AUM.

Cloud Modernization

Now is the time to harness the power of the cloud to help your organization be more agile, lower costs, and take advantage of emerging cloud services.  Contact us today.

IT Support

Let us manage and optimize your technology for you.  We offer reliable, personable, and timely IT support services.  No org is too small.  Don’t risk the random local IT person.

Application Strategy

Software is eating the world. Does your firm use software appropriately?  Still email forms around?  Let us work with you to define an appropriate application strategy.

Digital Business

Organizations have to evolve their approach to meet these digital times.  Don’t get caught flat footed.  We can help you develop and implement a digital business strategy.

Have questions?

Reach out today and schedule a free consultation.  We are experts in right-sizing solutions for your company–where you’re at today.  Every company is a technology company and companies that fail to progress will be left behind.

Our Partners

Why choose us?

When you work with True Cedar, you start by working directly with our founder, Stephen Backholm.  He stays personally involved and oversees every client engagement. Stephen has 20+ years experience helping companies harness the power of technology and specializes in understanding your business problems and communicating solutions in non-technical terms.

Most recently, Stephen spent the last 5 years as the Director of Innovation & Technology for the Washington State Investment Board overseeing their AI & data strategy, cybersecurity, and cloud transition.  Stephen knows what it takes to be both an Asset Allocator and Manager in this digital age.

Business Focused

We specialize in communicating technical subjects in business terms.

Thought Leaders

We can help your organization see the future and progress towards it.

Right Sized

We help you focus your technology spend on the right things.

Customer Service

We provide timely communication and reliable service.

Let's Work Together

Contact us today and start getting answers that make sense on artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, cloud technologies, and data strategy.  We offer managed services, too.