Cybersecurity Incident & Breach Response Services

We are experts in helping you navigate a cybersecurity incident or breach, appropriately contain and eradicate it, and restore your business to normal operations.  Don’t risk letting a incident get out of control and cause irreparable  damage to your business.  Call us today.

200 Days

According to IBM, it takes 200 days  on average for a business to learn that they’ve been breached.

Expert Help

Let us help you in this moment of crisis.  Our experts have dealt with hundreds of incidents and will guide you each step of the way.

Back In Business

We can help you contain, eradicate,  repair, and restore from a cybersecurity breach.

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Cybersecurity for businesses is becoming more and more a threat to their livelihood, profitability, and very survival. Small businesses alone account for 43% of cybersecurity breaches and are the most common target of cybercriminals. On average it takes 206 days to learn that you’ve been breached and then another 73 days to contain it. Have you already been breached and just don’t know it? Could a single cybersecurity breach consume all your energy and dominate your priorities?

Don’t let ransomware, malware, phishing, or hackers ruin your business.  Call True Cedar for assistance today.  


True Cedar will guide you through the whole cybersecurity incident response process and equip you with the tools you need to handle communication, containment, removal, and restoration.

Ransomware Removal & Recovery

True Cedar can handle any type of breach and we also have deep cybersecurity experience with ransomware removal and recovery.  Call us today.

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