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Understanding Website Maintenance Costs

We get it.  Website maintenance costs can be confusing.  So I paid someone for my domain name, does that cover my hosting?  What is website hosting, do I need it?  What’s the difference between paying $6.99/month versus $300/month for hosting?  How often should I get billed for website hosting?  How often do I have to renew my domain name?  Who should I have listed as my administrative or technical contact on my domain name?  Do I need to buy variations of my domain name?  Is it okay if I buy a domain name that doesn’t end in .com?  Will my website need maintenance?  Do I need to patch my website?  Will my website get hacked?  What’s a fair price to pay for website maintenance? Do I need to pay for ongoing search engine optimization?  What kind of search engine optimization (SEO) services make sense for my business?

We are going to help answer these questions for you so that you have the confidence to appropriately manage your website.

What are the three major cost categories for website maintenance?

Domain Name

A domain name is mandatory for any website, and can be easy purchased from a number of Domain Registrars for a cost between $10-$50 per year.  What you are paying for is the right to register and use a domain name such as or


Hosting is also a mandatory cost for a website. Website hosting is actually paying for a physical place (server and bandwidth) for your website to live.  This is separate from a domain name, although many domain registrars also provide hosting services.


Website maintenance is also a mandatory cost.  All modern websites have various pieces of software underneath them that need to be patched and maintained.  Sure, you could skip this, but you risk having your website hacked, defaced, or worse.  Maintenance costs vary and depend on the complexity of your website.